New Brunswick Ratite Association


Currently, the New Brunswick Ratite Association is compiling a list of all ratite breeders and enthusiasts in the province, in the hope of establishing an informal network, which will encompass all ratite producers (ostrich, emu, rhea, etc.). We believe in the growing commercial aspect of the ratite industry and we feel that the more people involved in the building of a foundation of sound ideas regarding promotion, marketing, ethics, research and communication, the better the chances of developing a successful marketplace for all ratite products. It is the intent and position of the executive to support the emerging enterprise in the Maritimes, and to further expand our horizons from the breeder phase to a production and distribution phase.

The association, formed in 1996, is not for profit. Presently there are 18 members in the association. We are anticipating your participation, interest and support to benefit the growth of our shared industry.

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New Brunswick Ratite Association
55 Rusagonis Rd.
Waasis, NB
E3B 8W4

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February 28, 1999