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Emu Products

For centuries Australian aboriginals have hunted emus for a variety of uses. Many of these same products are used today.

Emu Meat

Emu meat is the wise choice for the health conscience person who wants a diet low in fat and cholesterol but still wants to eat red meat. This 97% fat-free red meat is similar tasting to beef but has a texture much like chicken. It is higher in iron, protein, Vitamins B12, C and A than beef and even lower in cholesterol than white meat chicken. There are also no chemical additives because of the natural farming of emus. A mature emu yields 30 - 35 pounds of meat on average. It is a treat to cook because it absorbs spices easily, cooks tender and has an excellent flavor. Emu meat has been found to be more tender than rib-eye and comparable to tenderloin steak.

Emu Oil

Emu oil is obtained from a thick layer of fat on the emu's back, yielding 5 - 7 liters of unsaturated, nontoxic oil from each bird. It has been found to be an excellent skin moisturizer with a non-pore- clogging quality. It can also reduce the appearance of scars, relieve sunburn and act as an antiseptic. The high levels of linolenic acids in the emu oil are also known to ease muscle aches and joint pains for the arthritis sufferer. The oil is obtainable in a therapeutic form (which has a pleasing aroma) or its pure, odorless form. The oil can also be found in retail as a lotion, for users who prefer lotion to oil. In any state, emu oil can speed healing.

Emu Eggs

Emu eggs are dark green on the outside and white on the inside of the shell. They can be carved into jewelry boxes and beautiful, delicate-looking ornaments to admire. Emu eggs can also be cooked to satisfy a large appetite!

emu egg

Emu Leather

Tanned emu leather is successfully used in clothing and accessories. The leathers from the emu's legs are also used in accessories such as belts and watch bands and are more highly valued for their reptile-like quality.

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